Translation of 'natural' - German English Dictionary

Naturtalent {n}natural talent; natural gift; natural
1. Naturtalente {pl}1. natural talents; natural gifts; naturals
Auflösungszeichen {n} [mus.]natural sign; natural; quadrat
1. Auflösungszeichen {pl}1. natural signs; naturals; quadrats
natürlich {adj}natural
1. auf natürlichem Weg1. by natural ways
natürliche Zahl {f} [math.]natural; natural number; whole number
naturbelassen; natürlich {adj} [envir.]natural; natural in character
naturgegeben {adj}natural
1. naturgegeben sein wie Geburt und Tod1. to be a natural fact like birth and death
angeboren {adj}natural
naturell {adj}natural
naturhaft {adj}natural
Pflasterstein {m} [constr.]paving stone; paving block, paving unit; paving slab [Br.]; paviour [Br.]; paver [Am.]
1. Pflastersteine {pl}1. paving stones; paving block, paving units; paving slabs; paviours; pavers
2. Großpflasterstein {m} (aus Granit oder Beton)2. large-sized paving stone; Belgian block paver [Am.] (of granite or concrete)
3. Betongroßpflasterstein {m}; Betonstein {m}3. large-sized concrete paving stone; large-sized concrete paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; large-sized concrete pavestone [Am.]; large-sized concrete paver [Am.]
4. Betonpflasterstein {m}; Betonstein {m}; Gehwegplatte {f} aus Beton4. concrete paving stone with exposed crushed basalt; concrete sett with exposed crushed basalt [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; concrete paver with exposed crushed basalt [Am.]
5. Betonpflasterstein {m} ohne Verbundwirkung5. standard (non-interlocking) concrete paving block; standard (non-interlocking) concrete paver [Am.]
6. Betonpflasterstein {m} mit Basaltsplittvorsatz; Betonstein {m} mit Basaltsplittvorsatz6. concrete paving stone with exposed crushed basalt; concrete sett with exposed crushed basalt [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; concrete paver with exposed crushed basalt [Am.]
7. Betonpflasterstein {m} mit Verschleißvorsatz; Betonschwerlastpflasterstein {m}7. concrete paving stone with hard-wearing surface layer [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; concrete paver with protective coating [Am.]
8. Betonpflasterstein ohne Natursteinvorsatz; Betonstein ohne Natursteinvorsatz8. standard concrete paving block without exposed aggregate
9. Betonpflasterstein mit Natursteinvorsatz; Betonstein mit Natursteinvorsatz9. exposed aggregate paving block; exposed aggregate paving unit; paver with exposed aggregate [Am.]
10. eingefärbter Betonpflasterstein; eingefärbter Betonstein; eingefärbte Betonplatte10. coloured paving stone [Br.]; coloured paving block [Br.]; tinted concrete paver [Am.]
11. Granitgroßpflasterstein {m}; Kopfstein {m}; Katzenkopf {m} [ugs.]11. large-sized natural paving stone; large-sized granite sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; large-sized natural pavestone [Am.]; large-sized cobblestone [Am.]; jumbo cobblestone [Am.]
12. Kleinpflasterstein {m}12. small paving stone; small paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; cube [Br.] [coll.]; small stone paver [Am.]
13. Mosaikpflasterstein {m}13. mosaic paving stone; mosaic paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; mosaic paver [Am.]
14. Naturpflasterstein {m}; Pflasterstein aus Naturstein14. natural stone sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; random sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; cobblestone [Am.]; cobble [Am.]
15. Quaderpflasterstein {m}; rechteckiger Pflasterstein {m} (aus Sandstein oder Granit)15. paving set; paving sett [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ] (of sandstone or granite)
16. Verbundpflasterstein {m} (aus Beton); Verbundbetonstein {m}16. interlocking (concrete) paving block; interlocking (concrete) paving unit; interlocking (concrete) paver [Am.]
17. Pflastersteine in Mörtel verlegen; in Mörtel pflastern; in Mörtel pflästern [Schw.]17. to lay setts on mortar [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; to lay pavers on mortar [Am.]
18. Pflastersteine in Sand verlegen; in Sand pflastern; in Sand pflästern [Schw.]18. to lay setts on sand [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; to lay pavers on sand [Am.]
19. Pflastersteine ins Gefälle verlegen19. to lay setts to falls [Br.] [Austr.] [NZ]; to lay pavers to slope [Am.]