Translation of 'middle' - German English Dictionary

Mitte {f} {+Gen.} (zeitlich)middle (of); mid-… (time)
1. Mitte des Jahres1. in mid-year
2. Mitte des letzten Jahres2. in the middle of last year
3. Mitte der 90er Jahre3. in the mid 90ies
4. Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts4. in the middle of the 19th century; in the mid 19th century
5. Mitte November5. in the middle of November; in mid November
mittlere; mittlerer; mittleres {adj}; Mittel…; Mitten…middle
1. mittleren Alters sein1. to be of middle age
Mitte {f}; mittlerer Teilmiddle
1. Mitten {pl}1. middles
Mittelstand {m}; Mittelschicht {f}; Mittelklasse {f} [soc.]middle class; middle classes
1. gehobene Mittelschicht {f}1. upper middle class
Affenreizen {n} (Kinderspiel)Monkey in the Middle; Piggy in the Middle (children's game)
Fingerglied {n}; Fingerknochen {m}; Phalanx {f} (Phalanx digitorum manus) [anat.]phalanx of the finger; phalange of the finger
1. hinteres Fingerglied; Fingergrundglied; Fingergrundphalanx (Phalanx proximalis digitorum manus)1. first bone of the finger; proximal phalanx of the finger
2. mittleres Fingerglied; Fingermittelglied; Fingermittelphalanx (Phalanx media digitorum manus)2. middle bone of the finger; middle phalanx of the finger; medial phalanx of the finger
3. vorderes Fingerglied; Fingerendglied; Fingerendphalanx (Phalanx distalis digitorum manus)3. end bone of the finger; end-phalanx / distal phalanx / ungual phalanx of the finger
Führungsebene {f}; Leitungsebene {f}management level; managerial level; executive level
1. mittlere Führungsebene; die mittleren Führungskräfte; mittleres Management1. middle management
2. oberste Leitungsebene; oberste Führungsschicht2. top-level management; top executive level
3. auf der mittleren Führungsebene3. at middle management level
4. auf der Führungsebene4. at the managerial level
Hauptschule {f}; Realschule {f} [school]practical-oriented middle school; secondary modern school [Br.] [hist.]; semi-academic high school [Am.]; junior high school [Am.] [dated]
1. Hauptschulen {pl}; Realschulen {pl}1. practical-oriented middle schools; secondary modern schools; semi-academic high schools; junior high schools
Hochsommer {m} [meteo.]high summer; midsummer; the middle of the summer
1. im Hochsommer1. in high summer; in midsummer; in the middle of the summer
Mittelfinger {m} [anat.]middle finger
1. Mittelfinger {pl}1. middle fingers