Translation of 'group' - German English Dictionary

Konzern {m}; Unternehmensgruppe {f} [econ.]business group; group of companies; consolidated group; affiliated group (of companies); group; consolidated companies
1. Konzerne {pl}; Unternehmensgruppen {pl}1. business groups; groups of companies; consolidated groups; affiliated groups; groups; consolidated companieses
2. großer Konzern; Großkonzern {m}2. large group (of companies)
3. Riesenkonzern {m}3. giant group (of companies)
4. Stahlkonzern {m}4. steel group
5. Teilkonzern {m}5. subgroup (of companies)
6. Kaufhauskonzern {m}6. department store group
7. auf Konzernebene7. at group level
Gruppierung {f} (Personengruppe)group
1. Gruppierungen {pl}1. groups
2. kriminelle Gruppierung2. criminal group
3. bewaffnete Gruppierung {f}3. armed group
Gruppe {f}group
1. Gruppen {pl}1. groups
2. eine Gruppe Menschen2. a group of people
3. Teilgruppe {f}3. subgroup
Gruppe {f} [math.]group
1. auflösbare Gruppe1. solvable group
Runde {f} (Gesellschaft)circle; group; company
1. eine fröhliche Runde1. a happy circle
2. ein Treffen in kleiner Runde / in kleinem Kreis2. a meeting with a small number of participants
3. Besprechungen in kleiner Runde / in kleinem Kreis3. meetings with smaller groups; small-scale meetings
4. den Abend in geselliger / gemütlicher Runde verbringen4. to spend the evening in convivial company
5. Er wurde schnell in ihre Runde aufgenommen.5. He was quickly accepted as / made a member of their circle.
6. Einer fehlt in der Runde und das bist Du.6. There's someone missing from our group, and that is you.
7. Das soll er in kleiner Runde gesagt haben.7. He reportedly said that in a private conversation.
8. Es wird zunächst in kleiner Runde / in kleinem Kreis verhandelt.8. Small teams will conduct the initial negotiations.
Freundeskreis {m}; Clique {f}friends; circle of friends; group; set (of friends)
1. engster Freundeskreis1. inner circle of friends
2. Freundes- und Bekanntenkreis {m}2. circle of friends and acquaintances
Gruppe {f}; Herde {f} (Wale) [zool.]herd; group (whales)
1. Gruppen {pl}; Herden {pl}1. herds; groups
Gruppe {f}; Schule {f} (Delfine; Schweinswale) [zool.]pod; school; group (dolphins; porpoises)
1. Gruppen {pl}; Schulen {pl}1. pods; schools; groups
Berechtigungsgruppe {f}authorization group [eAm.]; authorisation group [Br.]; authorised group [Br.]; authorized group [Am.]
1. Berechtigungsgruppen {pl}1. authorization groups; authorisation groups; authorised groups; authorized groups
Bürgerinitiative {f}; Aktionsgemeinschaft {f} [pol.]citizens' action group; action group
1. Bürgerinitiativen {pl}; Aktionsgemeinschaften {pl}1. citizens' action groups; action groups
2. Bürgerinitiative gegen den Autobahnbau2. anti-motorway action group [Br.]; highway action group [Am.]