Translation of 'campaign' - German English Dictionary

Kampagne {f}; Aktion {f}; Feldzug {m} [übtr.]campaign
1. Kampagnen {pl}; Aktionen {pl}1. campaigns
2. Impfkampagne {f}2. vaccination campaign; jab campaign [Br.] [coll.]
3. Lügenkampagne {f}3. campaign of lies
4. eine Kampagne starten; eine Aktion starten4. to launch a campaign; to mount a campaign
5. eine Kampagne organisieren5. to orchestrate a campaign; to organize a campaign
6. gegen jdn. einen Feldzug führen6. to conduct / carry on / wage a campaign against sb.
7. eine Kampagne (durch)führen7. to conduct/run a campaign
8. eine Kampagne aufziehen/starten8. to launch/start a campaign
9. der Feldzug gegen den Terrorismus9. the campaign against terrorism
Heereszug {m}; Feldzug {m} [mil.]campaign
Wahlkampfversprechen {n}; Wahlversprechen {n} [pol.]pre-election promise; election promise; campaign promise; pre-election pledge; election pledge; campaign pledge
1. Wahlkampfversprechen {pl}; Wahlversprechen {pl}1. pre-election promises; election promises; campaign promises; pre-election pledges; election pledges; campaign pledges
2. ein Wahlversprechen einlösen2. to fulfil a pre-election promise; to deliver on a campaign promise
Feldzug {m} [mil.]military campaign
1. Feldzüge {m}1. military campaigns
2. Russlandfeldzug {m}2. campaign in/against Russia; Russian campaign
3. einen Feldzug führen3. to wage a campaign
Feld {n}field
1. Felder {pl}1. fields
2. in Felder aufgeteilt2. fielded
3. ein weites Feld3. a wide / broad field
4. ins Feld ziehen4. to take the field
5. gegen etw./jdn. zu Felde ziehen5. to wage war / a campaign against sth./sb.; to campaign against sth./sb.
6. für etw./jdn. zu Felde ziehen6. to wage war / a campaign for sth./sb.
7. Architektur ist ein weites Feld.7. Architecture is a wide / broad field.
(einmaliger) Aktionstag {m} [pol.]day of action; campaign day
1. Aktionstage {pl}1. days of action; campaign days
Aufklärungskampagne {f}; Informationskampagne {f} [soc.]awareness campaign; (public) information campaign
1. Aufklärungskampagnen {pl}; Informationskampagnen {pl}1. awareness campaigns; information campaigns
Desinformationskampagne {f}disinformation campaign; campaign of disinformation
1. Desinformationskampagnen {pl}1. disinformation campaigns; campaigns of disinformation
Einführungskampagne {f}initial campaign; introductory campaign
1. Einführungskampagnen {pl}1. initial campaigns; introductory campaigns
Einschüchterungskampagne {f}campaign of intimidation; fear campaign
1. Einschüchterungskampagnen {pl}1. campaigns of intimidation; fear campaigns