Translation of 'black' - German English Dictionary

schwarz {adj}black
1. schwärzer1. blacker
2. am schwärzesten2. blackest
3. schwarz wie die Nacht3. black as coal
4. metallic-schwarz4. sparkle black
5. rußschwarz5. carbon black
6. schwarz/in Schwarz gekleidet sein {v}6. to be dressed/clothed in black
Schwarze {m,f}; Schwarzerblack; black person
1. Schwarzen {pl}; Schwarze1. blacks
Schmutzbuchstabe {m}; Spieß {m} [print]black; pick
Tangaren {pl} (Thraupidae) (zoologische Familie) [ornith.]tanagers (zoological family)
1. Abttangare {f}1. yellow-winged tanager
2. Azurkopftangare {f}2. blue-necked tanager
3. Bangstangare {f}3. blue & gold tanager
4. Bischofstangare {f}4. blue-grey tanager
5. Blaubarttangare {f}5. blue-whiskered tanager
6. Blaubrusttangare {f}6. gilt-edged tanager
7. Blauflecktangare {f}7. glaucous tanager
8. Blauflügeltangare {f}8. black-headed tanager
9. Blaukappentangare {f}9. red-necked tanager
10. Blaurücken-Bergtangare {f}10. hooded mountain tanager
11. Blauschultertangare {f}11. black & gold tanager
12. Blauschwingen-Bergtangare {f}12. blue-winged mountain tanager
13. Bluttangare {f}13. flame-coloured tanager
14. Brasiltangare {f}14. brazilian tanager
15. Brauenschopftangare {f}15. scarlet-browed tanager
16. Braunbauch-Bergtangare {f}16. chestnut-bellied mountain tanager
17. Braunbauchtangare {f}17. buff-bellied tanager
18. Braunbrust-Würgertangare {f}18. fulvous shrike-tanager
19. Braunflankentangare {f}19. brown-flanked tanager
20. Braunohr-Bunttangare {f}20. orange-eared tanager
21. Brustfleckentangare {f}21. puerto rican tanager
22. Cabanistangare {f}22. azure-rumped tanager
23. Carmioltangare {f}23. Carmioli's tanager
24. Diademtangare {f}24. diademed tanager
25. Dreifarbentangare {f}25. green-headed tanager
26. Drosseltangare {f}26. spotted tanager
27. Edwardstangare {f}27. moss-backed tanager
28. Elstertangare {f}28. magpie tanager
29. Feuerbürzeltangare {f}29. flame-rumped tanager
30. Finkenbuschtangare {f}30. common bush tanager
31. Flammentangare {f}31. crimson-collared tanager
32. Fleckentangare {f}32. speckled tanager
33. Flügelbindentangare {f}33. white-banded tanager
34. Fuchstangare {f}34. brown tanager
35. Furchentangare {f}35. blue & yellow tanager
36. Gelbbauchtangare {f}36. yellow-bellied tanager
37. Gelbbrauentangare {f}37. lemon-browed tanager
38. Gelbbürzeltangare {f}38. yellow-backed tanager
39. Gelbkehl-Buschtangare {f}39. yellow-throated bush tanager
40. Gelbkehltangare {f}40. yellow-throated tanager
41. Gelbkopftangare {f}41. saffron-crowned tanager
42. Gelbrückentangare {f}42. yellow-rumped tanager
43. Gelbschenkeltangare {f}43. blue-capped tanager
44. Gelbschopftangare {f}44. yellow-crested tanager
45. Gelbstirn-Würgertangare {f}45. white-winged shrike-tanager
46. Gimpeltangare {f}46. cinnamon tanager
47. Glanzfleckentangare {f}47. spangle-cheeked tanager
48. Goldbandtangare {f}48. yellow-scarfed tanager
49. Goldbrusttangare {f}49. green & gold tanager
50. Goldflügeltangare {f}50. rufous-winged tanager
51. Goldkappentangare {f}51. rust & yellow tanager
52. Goldohrtangare {f}52. golden-eared tanager
53. Goldringtangare {f}53. gold-ringed tanager
54. Goldrücken-Bergtangare {f}54. golden-backed mountain tanager
55. Goldscheiteltangare {f}55. golden-crowned tanager
56. Goldschopftangare {f}56. fulvous-crested tanager
57. Goldtangare {f}57. golden tanager
58. Graubrust-Buschtangare {f}58. dusky-bellied bush tanager
59. Graukehl-Buschtangare {f}59. ash-throated bush tanager
60. Graukopf-Buschtangare {f}60. grey-hooded bush tanager
61. Graukopftangare {f}61. grey-headed tanager
62. Graurücken-Ameisentangare {f}62. sooty ant-tanager
63. Grauscheitel-Palmtangare {f}63. grey-crowned palm tanager
64. Grünkappentangare {f}64. green-capped tanager
65. Grünkehltangare {f}65. green-throated tanager
66. Grünnackentangare {f}66. green-naped tanager
67. Grüntangare {f}67. bay-headed tanager
68. Guiratangare {f}68. guira tanager
69. Haarschopftangare {f}69. black-goggled tanager
70. Halsbandtangare {f}70. yellow-collared tanager
71. Haubentangare {f}71. flame-crested tanager
72. Heinetangare {f}72. black-capped tanager
73. Isabelltangare {f}73. burnished-buff tanager
74. Jelskitangare {f}74. golden-collared tanager
75. Karminameisentangare {f}75. red-crowned ant-tanager
76. Kieferntangare {f}76. western tanager
77. Krontangare {f}77. ruby-crowned tanager
78. Kurzschnabel-Buschtangare {f}78. short-billed bush tanager
79. Maskentangare {f}79. masked crimson tanager
80. Mennigohr-Bergtangare {f}80. scarlet-bellied mountain tanager
81. Mennigtangare {f}81. vermilon tanager
82. Natterertangare {f}82. Natterer's tanager
83. Ockerbrusttangare {f}83. ochre-breasted tanager
84. Ockerschopftangare {f}84. rufous-crested tanager
85. Olivmanteltangare {f}85. olive-backed tanager
86. Olivtangare {f}86. olive-green tanager
87. Opalscheiteltangare {f}87. opal-crowned tanager
88. Orangebrusttangare {f}88. brassy-breasted tanager
89. Orangekopftangare {f}89. orange-headed tanager
90. Palmentangare {f}90. palm tanager
91. Palmertangare {f}91. grey & gold tanager
92. Papageitangare {f}92. grass-green tanager
93. Parodihemispingus {m}93. Parodi's tanager
94. Passerinitangare {f}94. scarlet-rumped tanager
95. Prachttangare {f}95. chestnut-backed tanager
96. Purpurmanteltangare {f}96. purplish-mantled tanager
97. Purpurmaskentangare {f}97. golden-masked tanager
98. Purpurtangare {f}98. silver-beaked tanager
99. Rosenkehltangare {f}99. rose-throated tanager
100. Rostkappentangare {f}100. rufous-headed tanager
101. Rostkopftangare {f}101. fulvous-headed tanager
102. Rotbauchtangare {f}102. opal-rumped tanager
103. Rotbrusttangare {f}103. scarlet-throated tanager
104. Rothschildtangare {f}104. golden-chested tanager
105. Rotkappentangare {f}105. lesser antillean tanager
106. Rotkehl-Ameisentangare {f}106. red-throated ant-tanager
107. Rotkehltangare {f}107. rufous-throated tanager
108. Rotkopftangare {f}108. red-headed tanager
109. Rotnackentangare {f}109. golden-naped tanager
110. Rotohr-Bunttangare {f}110. glistening-green tanager
111. Rotscheiteltangare {f}111. scrub tanager
112. Rotschultertangare {f}112. red-shouldered tanager
113. Rotstirntangare {f}113. flame-faced tanager
114. Rotwangentangare {f}114. rufoud-cheeked tanager
115. Rubinkehltangare {f}115. cherry-throated tanager
116. Rußgesichttangare {f}116. dusky-faced tanager
117. Sayacatangare {f}117. sayaca tanager
118. Scharlachbauchtangare {f}118. crimson-backed tanager
119. Scharlachhauben-Ameisentangare {f}119. crested ant-tanager
120. Scharlachkopftangare {f}120. red-hooded tanager
121. Scharlachtangare {f}121. scarlet tanager
122. Schiefertangare {f}122. slaty tanager
123. Schleiertangare {f}123. black-faced tanager
124. Schlichttangare {f}124. plain-coloured tanager
125. Schmätzertangare {f}125. chat-tanager
126. Schmucktangare {f}126. golden-chevroned tanager
127. Schwalbentangare {f}127. swallow tanager
128. Schwarzachseltangare {f}128. tawny-crested tanager
129. Schwarzbauchtangare {f}129. black-bellied tanager
130. Schwarzbrust-Bergtangare {f}130. black-chested tanager
131. Schwarzbrusttangare {f}131. masked tanager
132. Schwarzkappentangare {f}132. hooded tanager
133. Schwarzkehl-Würgertangare {f}133. black-throated shrike-tanager
134. Schwarzkinn-Bergtangare {f}134. black-chinned mountain tanager
135. Schwarzmanteltangare {f}135. black-backed tanager
136. Schwarznackentangare {f}136. metallic-green tanager
137. Schwarzohr-Bunttangare {f}137. multicoloured tanager
138. Schwarzrückentangare {f}138. fawn-breasted tanager
139. Schwarzscheitel-Palmtangare {f}139. black-crowned palm tanager
140. Schwarzstirn-Buschtangare {f}140. yellow-green bush tanager
141. Schwarztangare {f}141. white-lined tanager
142. Schwarzwangen-Ameisentangare {f}142. black-cheeked ant-tanager
143. Schwarzwangen-Bergtangare {f}143. black-cheeked mountain tanager
144. Schwarzwangen-Buschtangare {f}144. pirre bush tanager
145. Seidenflankentangare {f}145. scarlet & white tanager
146. Siebenfarbentangare {f}146. paradise tanager
147. Silberbrauen-Bergtangare {f}147. buff-breasted mountain tanager
148. Silberbrauentangare {f}148. blue-browed tanager
149. Silberfleckentangare {f}149. beryl-spangled tanager
150. Silberkehltangare {f}150. silver-throated tanager
151. Silbertangare {f}151. silvery tanager
152. Siratangare {f}152. sira tanager
153. Smaragdtangare {f}153. emerald tanager
154. Sommertangare {f}154. summer tanager
155. Spiegeltangare {f}155. black & white tanager
156. Stolzmanntangare {f}156. black-backed bush tanager
157. Streifenkopftangare {f}157. stripe-headed tanager
158. Tacarcunabuschtangare {f}158. tacarcuna bush tanager
159. Tränenbergtangare {f}159. lacrimose mountain tanager
160. Trauertangare {f}160. white-shouldered tanager
161. Trupialtangare {f}161. rose-breasted tanager
162. Tüpfeltangare {f}162. dotted tanager
163. Türkistangare {f}163. turquoise tanager
164. Vassoritangare {f}164. blue & black tanager
165. Vielfarbentangare {f}165. seven-coloured tanager
166. Violettschultertangare {f}166. azure-winged tanager
167. Weißbindentangare {f}167. white-winged tanager
168. Weißbrauen-Buschtangare {f}168. pileated bush tanager
169. Weißbürzeltangare {f}169. white-rumped tanager
170. Weißkappentangare {f}170. white-capped tanager
171. Weißkehl-Würgertangare {f}171. white-throated shrike-tanager
172. Wetmoretangare {f}172. masked mountain tanager
173. Witwentangare {f}173. cone-billed tanager
174. Ziertangare {f}174. blue-backed tanager
175. Zimtbrusttangare {f}175. rufous-chested tanager
176. Zimtkopftangare {f}176. chestnut-headed tanager
177. Zinnobertangare {f}177. hepatic tanager
178. Zitronentangare {f}178. black & yellow tanager
schwarzes Loch {n}; Schwarzes Loch {n} [astron.]black hole
1. supermassereiches schwarzes Loch1. supermassive black hole
2. schwarzes Loch mittlerer Masse2. intermediate-mass black hole
3. stellares schwarzes Loch3. stellar black hole
4. schwarzes Mikroloch4. micro black hole
Gleitaare {pl} (Elanus) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]elanus kites (zoological genus)
1. Gemeiner Gleitaar {m} (Elanus caeruleus)1. common black-shouldered kite; black-shouldered kite; black-winged kite
2. Australischer Gleitaar {m} (Elanus axillaris)2. Australian black-shouldered kite; Australian kite; black-shouldered kite
3. Weißschwanzgleitaar {m}; Weißschwanzaar {m} (Elanus leucurus)3. white-tailed kite
4. Schwarzachselgleitaar {m}; Schwarzachselaar {m} (Elanus scriptus)4. letter-winged kite
Kielrallen {pl} (Amaurornis) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]amaurornis birds (zoological genus)
1. Braunbauchkielralle {f} (Amaurornis akool)1. brown bushhen/waterhen/swamphen; brown crake; crimson-legged crake
2. Isabellkielralle {f} (Amaurornis isabellina)2. Isabelline bushhen/waterhen; Celebes bushhen/waterhen/moorhen/swamphen; Sulawesi waterhen
3. Malegassensumpfhuhn {n} (Amaurornis olivieri)3. Oliver's rail; Olivier's crake; Sakalava rail
4. Mohrenralle {f}; Mohrensumpfhuhn {n} (Amaurornis flavirostra)4. African black crake; black crake; black rail; black waterhen
5. Philippinenkielralle {f} (Amaurornis olivacea)5. plain bushhen
6. Rotsteiß-Kielralle {f} (Amaurornis moluccana)6. Moluccan rufous-tailed moorhen; rufous-vented rail; rufous-tailed bushhen/waterhen/moorhen; rufous-vented bushhen; pale-vented bushhen; Eastern bushhen
7. Talaud-Kielralle {f}; Karakelong-Kielralle {f} (Amaurornis magnirostris)7. Talaud bushhen
8. Weißbrustkielralle {f} (Amaurornis phoenicurus)8. white-breasted bushhen; white-breasted waterhen; white-breasted swamphen
9. Zweifarbenkielralle {f}; Zweifarben-Sumpfhuhn {f} (Amaurornis bicolor)9. black-tailed crake; rufous-backed crake; Elwes' crake
Schwarzmarkt {m}black market
1. Schwarzmärkte {pl}1. black markets
2. auf dem Schwarzmarkt kaufen; schwarz kaufen2. to buy on the black market
3. auf dem Schwarzmarkt kosten; schwarz kosten3. to cost on the black market
Schwarzmarktpreis {m}black-market price; price on the black market
1. Schwarzmarktpreise {pl}1. black-market prices; prices on the black market
Schwarzwandreifen {m}black wall tyre; black wall tire [Am.]
1. Schwarzwandreifen {pl}1. black wall tyres; black wall tires